Afterschool Academics

Allow your eager academics to study in a safe and monitored environment. Our Afterschool Academics Classes are for studious individuals to self-study and grow.

Afterschool Academics -

Native English Wednesdays

For those extra bright and curious students that need only a few hints and tips. Native English Wednesdays offers a native English speaking tutor to monitor the class at no extra cost!!! And of course to answer all your English language woes.

All ages, Monday-Friday, 4PM-7PM.

HK$4500 per academic term (usually 2-3 months).

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Language Farm

12th Floor

Chinacem 333 Plaza

333 Castle Peak Rd

Cheung Sha Wan

Hong Kong


Opening hours

Mon-Fri 1530-1900

Sat-Sun 1000-2200

Course Director

Mr Wayne Cheung 

(5134 6091)


General Manager

Mr Hinson Chong

(9758 0871)

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