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Tuition Fees and Costs

Afterschool Academics

Allow your eager academics to study in a safe and monitored environment. Our Afterschool Academics Classes are for studious individuals to self-study and grow.

All ages, Monday-Friday, 4PM-7PM

HK$4500 per academic term (usually 2-3 months)

number of students: 1-16

Trinity GESE Preparatory Course

Trinity GESE is a progressive assessment for English students, it provides an effective grading system that measures progress and development for students and teachers alike, and often used for educational, professional or leisure purposes.

GRADE 1,2,3,4,5,6 / Saturday or Sunday

(flexible time between 10AM-10PM)

HK$3000 (per grade) (HK$250/Hr) / Total of 12 CLASSES

GRADE 7,8,9,10,11,12 / Saturday or Sunday

(flexible time between 10AM-10PM)

HK$3300 (per grade) (HK$275/Hr) / Total of 12 CLASSES

no. of students per class: 6-10

The UK Experience

Working with our UK partners Study Links International, we provide the opportunity for your kids to enjoy a fun filled, safe, and secure educational experience in the UK.

Please contact us directly for a quote, and provide a rough estimate of how many students you would like to register, and for which programme, plus any special requirements. The course director and agent of Study Links International Mr Wayne Cheung will be happy to take your call (51346091).

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Do you need a tailored class?

Do you want to hand pick your students so that they can learn together, but dont have the location or suitable teacher?

Leave this problem to us!

Fill out the form below with a description of the type of class and teacher you would like. Please include information like number of students, age range, and class content etc.

Thanks! Message sent.

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